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Cy Family Chronicles


To be released when it is a novel that I would enjoy reading - not before.

The Dying World


 The earth is struggling to provide enough resources for mankind to survive.  The demands of an ever increasing population have disrupted the natural rhythms of the earth, forever damaged, beyond repair. Once fertile ground gave way, now barren, from an atmosphere long abused for the sake of progress. Oceans have risen and with that, maps redrawn.

  Democracy gave way to ideology. The weak became prey, exploited for their resources. A race, once promising, was reduced to rubble from war upon war.

  A millennium ago one family took a pledge. As the branches of the family tree spread, some of them held fast to the pledge. Generation upon generation of this family infused the pledge upon their offspring until the pledge became a part of their intrinsic nature, their core beliefs.

  Now, in the midst of taming the solar system, the family, at odds with their own creations and those that would stop at nothing to halt mankind’s expansion to the cosmos, there is Hope.

  A planet had been found, one that was known to support human life.

  The technology to transport mankind to the planet “Hope” was built.

  The equation of the Patriarch was set into motion. A branch of the family tree was sent on the mission to enhance the possibility of success.

  Two-hundred years have passed since a mission was launched from the orbit of Mars on the multi-generational star ship Reliance..

  But, no matter how far one travels to start anew, in the end, you are greeted by yourself…

Cy Family Origins-Tome One


 Research into this Tome has not been completed by my apprentice Tome Builders. When the research has been completed and I have scanned the apprentice's thoughts for accuracy, the Tome will be constructed.


  Elder Tome Constructor-Curator Supreme - Ek’ Elm

© 2012 by William C. Blain

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