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Cy Industries Corporation

Greetings Tome Readers...



  It is with great pleasure I may convey to you the birth of Cy Industries Corporation, a company created by the Cy Family of earth. As you will witness, the family used the company as a vehicle for their inventions, extending the longevity of mankind, pushing mankind's footprint out to the universe - and far beyond...






​  The Chronicles follow a family beginning from the year 2027 to the year 8011 EC, (Earth Calendar). It begins with a man named Benjamin “Ben” Cy, a child prodigy in the sciences, as were many of the Cy’s ancestors. By the time he was 23 he had received the Max Planck Medal for his extraordinary achievements in theoretical physics. One of the major breakthroughs of the 21st century was his achievements in Mesoscopic Physics, Nondimensionalization, quantum vacuum fluctuation, Quantum gravity and its influence in Quantum Phase Transition. His work resulted in the first basic understanding and actual detection of the theorized particles, axions, neutralinos and their corresponding string constituents, the key elements of dark matter and energy.

  Ben, along with his sons Jonathan, Lucas and Matthew formed a company called “Cy Industries.” Their sole purpose was to accelerate the advancement of bio neurological interfaces.

  Jonathan, the eldest son had lost both his legs during an IDE  attack in the Golan Heights War. The bio neurological interfaces were going to be used to connect his brain with his prosthetics, which functioned nominally, however it was their belief they could actually make him “feel” his legs again.

  Jonathan had been a Dr. of Neurosurgery before he enlisted in the Marines, much to his father’s trepidation.

  Benjamin was a man of peace.

  Though he knew the passion Jonathan had for his convictions, he would never forgive himself for not stating his objections more forcefully. His son may have listened to him. His son may still have both his legs.

  Lucas, his middle son, had graduated in the sciences of Nanotechnology and had pioneered more useful, practical applications for the technology since its conception. Jonathan was wearing a prosthetic designed by Lucas. Although it looked and acted exactly as a human leg, again, Jonathan could not feel them. Thus the impetus for Cy Industries.

  Matthew, the youngest who was currently working on his medical degree at Oxford insisted that they have a mission statement. None of the others really cared about that, but Matthew was tenacious and when he locked onto something in his head, he would not let it go; a wildebeest caught in the jaws of a crocodile. So a mission statement there was to be.

  At first, it was an interminable, lengthy but beautifully bound book 176 pages long. It was apparent that they had spent the entire amount Ben had allotted them to create the statement. Benjamin had let the boys do this chore on their own. He wished he hadn’t. He brought them into the living room one morning along with their statements and sat them down to explain to them just how this particular company was going to work.

  They all looked at him with puzzled eyes, they knew their father and because he didn’t look very pleased that they had come up with such a magnificent piece of work they were little bit discouraged.

Jonathan was the first to speak up, “Dad, we have to have a mission statement. It’s gotta be one that lets everybody know what we’re doing, how much of a contribution were going to make to society.”

  Ben looked at them one by one, he looked at their anxious eyes, ’maybe I shouldn’t say anything about this after all’ he thought. But then again, if he didn’t make them see what this company was going to be all about now, it would be just more of a struggle down the road.

  Then again, maybe a little praise would be a good offering before he gave them the facts of life as he saw them. He knew that once they understood his intentions and motives they would all lay down their lives to defend it. “Boys, I know you think that this company is going to have some large building, a grand entrance with marble floors and columns all over the place, but I’m going to tell you now, that’s not the way it’s going be.” He looked at each one’s response, so crestfallen was Matthew  ‘this is going to hurt him, I just know it,’ he struggled. The other two would take it okay; they were more pragmatic than Matthew. But that still wasn't going to make it any easier.

“Sons, let me ask you a question; why are we starting this company in the first place?”

  “To help Jonathan,” Matthew chimed.

  “Exactly,” Benjamin stated. “To help Jonathan, and what about after that? do we just dissolve the company and go our separate ways? I don’t think so. I think all of you feel just as I do, our main goal is to help all of humanity, not just us. ”

  “Of course it is dad,” Lucas said. “But what does that have to do with the mission statement?”

  “Well, I have to tell you, it’s a wonderful book of fancy words, it’s beautiful. I read it front to back and there isn’t one thing in it that we really don’t believe in. In fact, it has much more than I thought of in the first place.But a bound, beautiful book isn’t what were all about, I fully believe that were quite capable of advancing Mankind in ways even I don’t realize at this point.”

  They all leaned a little bit forward, all waiting in anticipation for what their father was going to say. “What do you mean dad?” Jonathan asked.

  “Think about it, I’m pretty good at what I do...” they all began laughing.

  “Pretty good!” Matthew proclaimed. “There isn't a scientist out there that can even touch you.  Some even say you’re the ‘New Einstein’.” Ben looked at Matthew and just smiled, he love that boy, he would do nothing to disappoint him intentionally. But this was different, this wasn't your typical father-son conversation. It would affect all of humanity.

  “How about something a little simpler though?” Ben asked. “A one-liner, something that’s uncomplicated yet effective and clearly stated. I want this to be something that everyone can understand, something short and sweet and to the point. Also, it may not be a marble tower in the middle of Manhattan but I was able to secure us a very nice office building in Arizona, something the government wasn't using anymore.”

  “Arizona?” Lucas asked.

  “Yes I did, it’s been in the works for about four years now.” Ben replied.

  “Four years!” Lucas exclaimed.

  “That’s right, and I think it’s about time you boys saw it. Stella, screen please,"  With that, a screen emerged from the ceiling on one of the walls in the living room. “Stella,” Ben called out. The boys never understood why he called his house computer Stella. His wife who was the love of his life was Marie, certainly not Stella. They had all asked him about it at one time or another only to be met with a casual shrug of the shoulders. So if that was the name their father wanted to give the computer, he must have a good reason, maybe he’d tell them someday. “Play Cy Industries 1.385 – 9,” Ben told Stella. The screen began playing what looked like a documentary.They realized that the voice narrating was there father.

  It began with a simple logo of the company, which plainly spelled out “Cy Industries”. The boys were bewildered because they had no idea their father had worked so much on the project already. The Arizonan desert was its background, it then faded into the inside of a building. To their surprise, their father was walking backwards down a hall, a tablet in his right hand. “Welcome to Cy Industries, I’m sorry but I can only show you a little of what we do here, it’s not classified per se, but it’s something we want to keep in the family, I hope you understand.”

  “Not show us anything?” Lucas asked.

  “Stella pause, now hold on son, this is just the version were going to show the public. It was part of the deal I made with the government so that we could have this particular area. You’ll see why I wanted this exact place later, I promise. I wanted you to see this first so that you realize how I want this company to be projected. Then I’ll call up the next video which  will delve into the details so don’t worry about it. Stella continue...”

  With that, everyone turned their attention back to the screen. “Here at Cy industries we’re dedicated to the advancement of science for the benefit of mankind. It is our intention, throughout the coming years to work with other scientists in the hopes that we can make enough technology so that all mankind, no matter where they live will find themselves prosperous and hopeful.”

  The video continued with a few more comments from Ben, but it was evident it was made for commercial release. Once it had completed Ben spoke up, “Stella, play Cy Industries,1.385 – 10.”

  The screen once again came to life. Behind a simple maple desk sat Ben. He arose from the chair and walked around the desk to a large table. It contained an intricately detailed model that appeared to be an abandoned military air base surrounded by a half circle of tall, flat topped Mesas. He began, “Stella, pause...Boys, welcome to our new facilities which you will see very soon because we’re all leaving tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM so make sure you’re ready to go. Stella Continue..."

   “I’ll take you on a short tour right now with the video but we will get into more in depth when we get there.” The video continued to show Ben walking through a rather dull, utilitarian building. He walked from his office down the hall stopping at the first door he came to. He opened the door and the camera seemed to follow him in and pan around the room. It was nothing spectacular to say the least, in fact, it looked like they never changed the furniture from when someone used it as an airbase. The camera came to a stop showing Ben in the doorway, “Jonathan, this is your office. I don’t have to show Lucas’s or Matthew’s because they’re all the same. However I do have a couple of other  things to show you."

  He began walking down the hall again passing by an elevator door. He pointed to the doors and said, “Don’t use those,” he continued walking, “I’ll explain later.” A few more steps and he reached the door to a stairwell. He opened the door and walked onto the landing. As soon as both his feet were on the first step they began to descend like an escalator except this one turned the corners to the next landing. “Pretty neat huh?” He said with a wily grin on his face. He went down four more landings until the stairwell stopped and he opened a door to another long hallway.

  The camera followed him into what appeared to be a mess hall containing a couple of tables, some cheap chairs, vending machines, a microwave and refrigerator. That was it.

  Ben looked at them all, they were just about ready to fall out off the couch. Ben chuckled. “Stella pause. You should look at your faces, their priceless!” He stated. He was always amazed how his boys had the exact same flush in their cheeks when he made fun of them.

  “Is that all?” Matthew asked.

  “Not exactly,” Ben began, “one more small little detail. Stella, we’re finished.” With that, the screen retracted into the ceiling. Behind it, there was the logo of Cy Industries, much more elaborate then the one they had seen on the screen before, along with a quoted mission statement that read, “We will do everything in our power to advance Mankind.” How it got there was anybody’s guess, the wall was bare before the screen came down.

  Ben let that sink in for a while watching the expressions on each boys face. They were looking at each other quizzically, each wondering, but on the inside, excited about what the mission statement so eloquently stated.

  “You know dad, sometimes you make me feel like a real idiot.” Matthew said.

  “Thought you would like it,” Ben stated as he gloated, but only a little bit, he didn't want to hurt their feelings after all, “as you can see, it is very simple yet states our purpose succinctly don’t you think?” he asked.

  They all agreed, each one holding their bound, beautiful mission statement, caressing it like a resplendent ancient manuscript. They looked at each other and one by one they tossed their copies onto the coffee table. Ben noticed they looked a bit disappointed; they had put so much work in the mission statement it was hard for them to realize that everything they wrote was written in such a simple sentence mounted on the wall.


  "How many people do you know whose name is Stella?"

  Thus, Cy Industries was born…

   Author - William C. Blain

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Cy Family Chronicles

© 2012 by William C. Blain

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