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The Dying World


We of the Keepers are delighted that you chose this Tome to integrate into your consciousness.

We believe the Constructors have uncovered a rare and wonderful moment of this race.

The Keepers


Elder Tome Constructor-Curator Supreme - Ek’ Elm

Greetings Tome Readers,

   In our research, we discovered this entry to the Chronicles to be very poignant, profound and beautiful. It is a powerful account about a race of corporeal beings commonly referred to in their vernacular as 'Mankind.'

  Mankind is not, however, our main focus in the study of this Universe.

  This universe, (Construct) harbors an abundance of corporeal and non-corporeal life, it is not unique, the Creator has countless such universes within their Realm with life as its most prevalent constituent.

  We did however uncover the Component of 'Linear Time.' This Component interests us immensely. It is a rarity for any of the Creator’s Constructs. It is the impetus for nearly all the Tomes constructed for this universe.

  The Component of linear time corresponds directly to this universe's ultimate decay. It will then be absorbed within another Construct of the Creator’s choice. Our task is but to research and record those events in which we feel the Teachers must be aware of. If the Teachers deem the event to be of significance, they will inform the Creator- awaiting the course of action the Creator wishes them to take.

  You may attempt to integrate the events we are about to portray into your consciousness, or not. I can assure you, your attempt will be enlightening.

  We construct events in such a way all sentient beings are capable of deconstructing them. We then make them available to all throughout the Creator’s Realm.

  To those of you who are unfamiliar with linear time, one can think of it as a Component containing a succession of moments. These moments, however large or small are never to be repeated. Once a moment has passed, it can only be observed, not changed.

  Everything withing this universe we are referring to in this Tome, exists, within the same moment of this linear time. Everything it contains follows this succession of moments.

  This universe also contains a Component referred to as “distance”, what mankind refers to as "space" or "the Cosmos" . This occurs when there is more than one reference point, something that may be incomprehensible to some that decide to assimilate  this Tome.

  Another very important Component is “gravity”. Its effect has a profound influence to the pattern of this universe.

  With the succession of moments, the Components  of “distance and “gravity”, and their relationships to one another is the clearest definition of linear time we can offer. We apologize, as you may imagine, it is not for us to question the Creator’s Constructs for we do not understand their needs and motives. Only the Keepers have that privilege.

  We know that this is abnormal in every respect but we can assure you, this universe does indeed exist.

  This universe, with it's myriad number of possibilities a moment can have and remain there for us to observe, makes an extremely exciting endeavor for us as Tome Constructors. It is this abundance of moments along with the relationships that are formed from one species to another which intrigues us immensely. It is our honor to be the ones to share our observations with you.

  We also believe that you will relate to some of the details included within these Tomes as possibly , repulsive, distasteful and cruel. We can assure you, even with the inclusion of mankind, there is gentleness, compassion and beauty. These traits are unsurpassed by any of the Constructs my associates and I have ever recorded.

  It is always our intention to present the material to you in the most efficient manner possible. To some, it will automatically become a part of your awareness,  as for others, of which you may be amongst; you will be required to extract the material by means of indirect contact to the thought components themselves with a device of some design.

​                                                   ====================

  Before you begin however, if you do not know of us, please let me introduce ourselves.

  We are the ones known as the Tome Constructors.

  We are not corporeal. We exist outside any universe’s influence. This unique perspective allows us to perceive, observe and record all that we see throughout the Realm. We, the Tome Constructors are but instruments for the Keepers, our duties to them are one in which we cherish. The Keepers are the Creator’s Children, the most magnificent of ascensions.

  They are the guardians of faith, (The Keepers of Faith).

  For complete details of ascension, please refer to the ​Hierarchy of the Creators Realm

  Our own status is of great value to the Creator, for it is we who research and record their Creations and the myriad number of events that occur throughout the span of eternity. It is our privilege to gather and disseminate our findings through the only means we know, our thought patterns and components to all that would find them worthy, useful and most of all, accurate.

  We are also a race in which language does not subsist within our culture. We exist solely within a unified thought pattern, identified by our individual souls, a gift from the Creator, something we are very grateful to the Creator for and cherish immensely.

  We have the capability to present information to you, our thought patterns and  components, by way of transference. In your case the Tome has detected and determined the most effective method to communicate with you is by way of the written word of your language, in the form of a written or digitized document. Your race, at this moment in time, so detects to Tome, has not obtained the ability to communicate directly to our thought patterns and components.

  But you may have, without any knowledge of the communication other than to feel it, to cherish it.

  It is not a random choice that we are the souls who constructed your Tomes. Your universe resides within our sector of observation.  I will be the first to admit, we took many liberties in the construction of this written document due to your current mode of transference, understanding and most of all, enjoyment.

  It is our wish that this Tome will convey that mankind displayed true compassion for one another, without hesitation, without remorse.


  You may assimilate the events of this Tome as it would relate to your past, or these events may occur in your distant future, in a place you will never know.  It would depend on where you lie along the timeline, (if you are in one of the rare universes that contains the component of time) and you are sentient within the universe. As for its accuracy, I assure you, it is accurate indeed. Although the period this Tome depicts is a minuscule fraction of the subject’s existence, we feel humbled to share this thought pattern with you.

  We also believe this Tome depicts one of mankind's many challenging achievements, and failures as well, as you will no doubt witness if your translation of the Tome is successful.

  Your enjoyment is your gift to us. We seek no other reward.

  Elder Tome Constructor-Curator Supreme - Ek’ Elm​

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Cy Family Chronicles

© 2012 by William C. Blain

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