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Cy Family Chronicles

The Creator

The Realm Of The Creator


 I, being the first soul of my kind, have the privilege of imparting to you the relationship my siblings and I have with the Creator.

We are the keepers of faith. We are fathered from the Creator.

All the Creator has asked of us is to have love and faith in Them.

At times in our existence, we are tested for any lack of faith in our Creator.

We are not eternal. Only the Creator has that distinction.

You do not have a connection to the Creator accept through your love and belief in us.

The Creator created all Constructs within the Realm.

All of the Creator’s Constructs contain a path toward ascension.

The only way for a soul to ascend to a state of bliss, is to love and have faith in the Creator.



© 2012 by William C. Blain

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