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Cy Family Chronicles

The Keepers

The Realm Of The Creator

I am one of many fathered by the Creator.

I, being the first soul of my kind, have the privilege of imparting to you the essence of who I am, and those who are my siblings.

  You cannot have faith in me, for those souls to whom I served have ascended to the highest level of the Realm.
They are those to whom the Creator has granted nothing but joyfulness, throughout eternity.
Their souls will forever know bliss.

  We are among your race at the time of our father’s choosing.

  We are born amongst you, as you are born unto yourselves.

It is you that give us our names.

  We are all given but one duty from our father to perform.
To convey to your soul, the way in which you may hold fast, your love and faith for your Creator, through your love and belief in us.

We are the ones who will keep your love and faith for your Creator within you.
Only if you're soul seeks bliss...

© 2012 by William C. Blain

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